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Skyler Page, creator of the brilliant CN show Clarence, has been fired for "groping" another artist at CN. He's also in the hospital being treated for a mental breakdown. Page has had a history of mental illness, being Bi Polar. In fact, it's so bad that it sometimes mimics Schizophrenia. And now his career and life is ruined, all because two fucktards at CN pressured the artist who was "groped" to come out about. The unprofessional way it was handled is one of the most sickening parts of it. They TWEETED about it, painting him as a monster. Yes, I know, having a mental illness doesn't excuse him from what he did. But that also doesn't mean he's a sexual predator. Skyler Page has been fired, his reputation ruined, and his contribution to his own show hijacked by a known misogynistic, woman beater, Patrick Harpin. CN knew that Page was unstable, they should have done a better job preventing this kind of thing. If anyone is to blame for this, it's CN, and the accusers. Not because the accuser's were supposedly groped, no. Because they handled unprofessionally, painted him as a monster, totally disregarded his mental illness, and are literally orgasming form the attention they've gotten over the internet on Twitter like the worthless attention whores they really are. Fuck. This is why I'm so anti-social. Because we live in a world like this. Fuck everyone.

In response to agray06:
There were people from Calarts who confirmed that Harpin was a misogynistic woman abuser. Also, you can you're disgusting feminazi logic back to Tumblr. He WASN"T AWARE OF HIS FUCKING ACTIONS AT THE TIME. A sane fucking woman doesn't have priority over the mentally ill. Yes, he groped Partridge, but he didn't do it because he's a monster, he did it because he had a psychotic episode. Also, there were people who confirmed Harpin was also lying about what he said. Harpin was FIRED for being an asshole and now he's trying to get back at a man who's life is already ruined because people like YOU and Partridge think Woman should be treated as special, while the mentally ill should be considered monsters. It isn't fucking sexist to accuse a woman of fucking lying. It isn't sexist to accuse a man of fucking lying. Stop being an entitled fucking bitch and look at the fucking facts. People like you make me sick. People like you are why Feminism isn't taken seriously anymore. When you have Bipolar 1, which MIMCS SCHIZOPHRENIA, when you run around the street shirtless yelling at cops, when you try to smoke through your nose, when you're strapped to a fucking bed singing They Might Be Giants' songs and talking like a cowboy, when you can't even tell your best friend is crying as you look him in the fucking face, it's obvious that you aren't using an illness for an excuse. Woman exaggerate and flat out lie just as much as men do. Skyler Page isn't a sociopath, he's just as much a victim as Partridge. If not, more.
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United States
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I am not who I am...
But at the same time I am...

That isn't important to you though.

Deviants that deserve way more attention they get. (My Favorite Deviants! :D )

:iconcartoonwho: There's something really fun about this persons stuff. The way it looks and everything. Go check'em out! :D
:iconbluepancakemix: Pretty great stuff. Check her out. And by that, I mean her art.
:iconinvaderdogh: Really cool and has a unique cartoon style.
:iconfenomena: Really good at making beautiful but creepy art. I love everything Fenomena does.
:iconnazata: :dummy:
:icondogsbodyy: Always produces beautiful art.
:iconvaness96: The best when it comes to Ed, Edd, and Eddy fan art.
:iconxeternalflamebryx: Also really good at drawing cartoon characters.
:iconjksketchy: She is one of the best PPG artist out there.
:iconsupermacho: Amazing El Tigre art.
:iconxcoqui: Really good at, well, a lot if things. ^^;
:iconcemetary-biocure: This person's art work is like Tim Burton mixed with Johnen Vasquez. I recommend you watch this person.
:iconprincesscallyie: Prinack. 'Nuff said.
:icongothicblueeyes: Watch her and fav. her stuff!
:iconssstawa: Amazingly talented! I urge you- No! COMMAND you to watch her! DO it! NOW!
:iconteacupballerina: Fun to debate with. :trollface: Also, fairly good art. Would recommend.
:iconkingofspriters13: Good with pixel art.
:icongarabatoz: Now this guy has got to be one of teh best artist on dA. 10/10. Would bang and recommend. Go to his page NOW and watch him. Also give him a Llama badge.
:icononthefritz: Very cute style. She has a lot of potential.
:iconconfetticandie: :D

About me:
I like drawing and writing.
I can play Tenor Sax and Bass Guitar.
I hate ice cream.
I don't agree with, and dislike racists, and christian extremists. However, I do not hate them, because hate leads you nowhere.
I can't stand Niki Manaj... Ew...
I love cartoons and anime.
I hope to do story boarding, and create a quality cartoon in the future.
I am also into architecture.
I love music, my favorite genre being Classic Rock.
I love reading.
I like video games.
I love reading creepypasta and writing my own.
I like climbing trees.
I Love the Powerpuff Girls.
I am agnostic theist.
I am Bi. But don't hate me because of that!
I hate mayo... Egh...

I'm a Socialist. Socialism Stamp by kevis
I am an Environmentalist.

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Oh, and my favorite color is the rainbow. But if I had to choose one color, it would be midnight blue.


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